Living History Displays

For Clients

As well as fighting in Viking battles, Blaeddau Du also have their own living history display, a military encampment for a Viking unit on campaign which forms the backdrop to our public events.
The encampment is where the public are able to interact with our members and can meet Viking warriors, try on a helmet, hold a shield and weapon or feel just how heavy our chainmail is. They can also talk to our crafts people, traders and cooks to discover what Vikings wore and how it was made, what was traded and also what they ate.
One thing you will notice is a lack of barriers between ourselves and the public. We believe that barriers discourage the public from approaching us to ask questions. Any member of our group can be approached and spoken to, and we try to have a good mix of activities for the public to see and where possible have a go at, such as grinding flour using real quern stones, handling authentic beads and jewellery, tablet weaving, nalbinding or challenging us at authentic Viking games. Our members will readily pose for photographs with anyone who asks.

Potential New Members

The living history aspect of the group is aimed at recreating various crafts and life activities, our objective is to authentically recreate Viking life. These activities vary considerably and can look at pretty much any aspect of life in the Viking Age. Tablet weaving, nalbinding, making clothes, dyeing using the natural dyes and processes that were used, wood carving, leather work, a working kitchen, traders, games, weapons display all figure in our Living History village.
Our displays of Viking life provide opportunities for new members to learn craft skills, and to experience the life of people in the Viking Age at first hand. Whether you wish to learn a new skill, or demonstrate an existing one in a period setting, all are welcome, but it is not necessary to be a skilled craftsman to take part in our displays – everyone can find something to do.