Training Sessions

We train using swords, axes, seaxs, Dane axes, spears, shields and also bows and arrows.
Whenever possible we train with individuals and members of other groups and societies, with different levels of experience as we can all learn from each other in combat.

Once you learn the basics you can join the free fighting and train in the shield wall and see how your ancestors fought.
When training we follow the society system of combat and safety equipment must be worn at all times, saying that if you’re just starting in the field of re-enactment the group has some kit that we can lend you, so feel free to come along as we’ll have plenty to spare!
We have a more-the-merrier policy to training, so if you would like to train with Blaeddau Du contact us and find out where and when we will be training next.

We look forward to seeing you there!